Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Artful Challenge .. Week 2 Challenge 1

For the challenge at So Artful we were given a b/w image and had to make something out of it.
OK be kind this is my second attempt at digital.I am just using a free photo editing program and just doing trial and error..
I have to thank Rembrandt for the use of one of his paintings .


  1. Hey this is great. You are obviously gonna be excellent with digital. Did you enjoy it ? I love digital too but like you i am a novice. I love the rembrandt you used too
    Hugs June x

  2. I think you are telling fibs!! There is nothing feeble about your picture. The colours are amazing and the whole effect is fantastic. The beautiful of digital art is that it is all about trial and error and you have obviously discovered that for yourself without having to have someone tell you. I never know how the final product is going to look until I get there. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but that is where all the fun is.

    I look forward to your next digital, Virginia, because I know it will be something special.

  3. Fabulous entry Virginia. I love this digital one and cant believe you did this first time ... Its fantastic !!! Thanks so much for joining in

  4. Wonderful piece! You and Rembrandt - that's really a great combination! Looking forward to seeing more of your digital art - congratulations on your first!!! :D

  5. Virginia this is beautiful! You are a natural at digital art. It is a lot of fun to do and Ozstuff is right..you never quite know what the end piece will be until you get there and that's the fun of it all. :-)

  6. Oh boy, Virginia, do you ever have a future in digital art, if this first attempt is any indication! I'm amazed. It's just beautiful. Kudos to you!