Saturday, January 24, 2009

Simply Skinnies..Fashion

I found this really great challenge blog Simply Skinnies the theme this week is Fashion.
If you like making 3"x5" small art..then thats the place to be.


  1. I missed this skinny earlier. It's so classy and well done. Good for you!

  2. And you go girl!! This is a fantastically unique piece...and what a pleasure to find a new challenge site just for skinnies!

  3. Beautiful skinny, Virginia.
    PS - Ann aka Taluula aka Yorkshire Lass has asked me to pass on a message from her. For some reason she hasn't been able to post a comment on your blog and she doesn't know why. However, she loves your work and enjoys your blog and wanted you to know she isn't ignoring you!! I suspect that she hasn't chosen a profile under the comment as required. Your blog is set up differently from most I have seen and that could be where Ann has been going wrong. I will let her know!!
    Cheers from Marie on the other side of the continent.

  4. That is a really cool piece.

    I'm glad you came by, and glad you took part in the challenge this week!

  5. Wow! You did terrific work on this one. I love it.